Each journey starts with one simple action. Believe you can.

Believe You Can.

Health, fitness and personal wellness is about the journey. While not always easy — it is always worth it. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or starting today, we all have something to gain, goals to achieve and barriers to break. Welcome to the Journey.

Refocused Wellness offers an array of services and products for a variety of populations. 

Find out what we are all about, how we a started and what motivates us to keep pushing ourselves and our clients to be successful in health, fitness and overall well-being  by heading over to In the Beginning .


  • Individualized Nutrition Support & Modifications
  • Chronic Disease Nurse Navigation
  • Health & Wellness Workshops
  • Tele-Support / Consulting
  • On-line Health Accountability Groups
  • Local  Health Accountability Groups
  • Personal Training
  • Workforce Wellness (2019)


It is our belief that when you FEEL good in the clothes you are in, you are able to function at your very best. It is our mission to support companies that foster the growth of women (and men) alike — Zyia Active does just that. From causal comfort to your marathon needs, Zyia Active clothing provides quality, comfort and style!


At Refocused we believe that health is gospel — but we understand life is FAR from perfect. In the chaos of everyday, it is our mission to make being healthy EASY. In partnership with Shaklee, we have taken the guesswork out of keeping your family safe. Offering our clients access to safe vitamin and nutritional supplements, personal health care products, make-up and household cleaning items that are backed not only by our personal experience by 100s of scientific studies.


 Refocused Wellness brings knowledge and experience embedded with compassion and commitment to you, while addressing your fitness, nutrition and wellness needs. It is our job to give you the tools to meet your individualized goals. To encourage you to give your all and make the I’m-possible — possible.

REfocused Wellness, LLC is owned and operated by Carolyn R. Parker, MSN, BS, RN, CPT-NASM. A long time athlete and fitness enthusiast. In addition to her years as an athlete, runner and avid weight lifter, her education background includes a baccalaureate degree in Nutrition Sciences with a minor degree focus on psychology. A masters degree in nursing and NASM personal training certification. Carolyn brings to Refocused 10 years experience as a nurse,  in critical care, public health, home health and nutrition services within the university system. On a personal level, Carolyn enjoys practicing the same lifestyle the encourages. In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, hiking, running & gardening. Carolyn lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two young children.


“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn the past, not to worry about the future, and not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment, wisely and earnestly”


 REfocused Fitness + Nutrition LLc — Certified/Licensed + Insured

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