Get Fit & SAVE

Not sure about you but the holidays always have me like, “Hello”?!

Some how in the midst of all the wonderful food and delicious drinks I lose my inhibitions and start planning for New Years. I mean, New Year, fresh start… right?!

What if this year was different?

What if instead of throwing in the towel and bagging you goals, packing them up until New Years, you got out of your baggy sweater and the stretchy leggings, believe me, I’m not fooled I get it, and into the outfit you were really meant to wear.

Does the aftermath have you felling blah… I mean it is the holidays, aren’t we all supposed to be cheerful? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays, however  has only been over the last few years, I have made a conscious decision to be diligently and health conscious throughout the ENTIRE year and that means the holidays included. Why was this so important? because I could really ENJOY myself.

This doesn’t mean going without. I mean for real, my uncle makes the most amazing apple pie and you’d be crazy if you told me that I couldn’t have some. Though what I do do is find a balance in my decisions so that I don’t undo all of the hard work, feel good, self-love behavior that I have worked on all year!

This holiday Refocused Wellness is running a special on our holidays Health accountability group (on-line) as a way of saying Thank You and Happy Holidays.

Our 6 week  On-line Health Accountability group includes:

  • A success kit
  • Daily accountability and group interaction
  • Weekly 1:1 nutrition support and modifications (30 minutes) from a licensed, certified and insured nutritionist & advanced degree nurse via telephone, zoom, or in-person (local only).
  • Fitness routine/adaption (as needed)
  • Daily nutrition education/recipes/meals prep ideas
  • Basic education on the foundation of nutrition, the implications on the body, weight loss and the prevention of disease.

For more information contact:

Or sign up today. Spaces are limited.

6 Weeks to Better Health

6 Week Health Accountability Group (On-line) Regular Fee: 150.00; Holiday Special ends Midnight December 31st, 2018. Next group starting December 13th, 2018.


Payment does not guarantee immediate participation. ALL clients must verify the ability to safely participate in a nutrition and fitness program prior to enrollment in program. Refocused Fitness + Nutrition Llc,  reservers the right to deny services and/or participation related the safety of current health status and/or has the right to request medical clearance for documented health conditions prior to enrollment.

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