Let’s talk supplements?!

I don’t often talk about supplements because well, I never thought I would be “old” enough that I would really understand and/or feel the NEED to take them.

I started taking a prenatal supplements during my first pregnancy and then while nursing. I then started to live on coffee and decided I should probably continue my multivitamin because my busy schedule simply didn’t allow me to have the “down” time I once had to have perfectly aligned meals.

While nursing I did some research on vitamins and their contents after hearing about heavy metals and some vitamins not containing the ingredients for which they said they did. I know disturbing. I was significantly alarmed due to my feeding another human being.

Needless to say over the last 6 years I have completed much research on health, nutrition, supplementation and vast amount of other body and functional health based information. In the process I have come to understand, beyond my years of education, experience and knowledge, my own personal eating habits fluctuate due to the everyday demands of my family, work and life in general.

I now have a pill case — I know right?! But I do, and I swear by it for time sake and for my peace of mind — literally! In it you will find, vitamin B complex, a multivitamin, vitamin D, GLA (amino acid), alfalfa, and zinc. Each having their own place in my health spectrum due to my busy life and functional needs.

If you don’t believe in supplements, I totally get it, thats your thing and I was once there to. I do believe that choosing foods wisely and obtaining nutrients from whole foods sources is the optimal way but I have to be real. Here, we are in the thick of diapers and dance class.

Choosing safe, pure and natural supplements can be difficult. I advise that you go to your local natural food store or seek out a natural company that provides for non-synthetic supplements that have been tests and regulated from an outside source.

I personally prefer Shaklee. I trust them so much so that I allow my children to use there child supplements as well.

For a limited time Shaklee is offering FREE memberships. Your one time membership gives you 15% off all future purchase. The peace of mind that it gives you for keeping you family safe is priceless!

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