Where there is will — there is a way.

UNedited; UNfiltered. Some endings are beautiful, amazing, full of strength and determination. The photos say all the words that never need to be spoken. Today was the last day of a VERY special time for my favorite girl. For all of the single parents reading this, I think one of the very difficult things aboutContinue reading “Where there is will — there is a way.”

“Baaaack in the saddle again…”

It has been for almost two years, my baby, hard work, and passion has sat idle. I can assure you as the owner, I have not. As a matter of fact, life in the midst of a global pandemic has been everything but idle, calm and peaceful. Memories for which I will continue to shareContinue reading ““Baaaack in the saddle again…””

Refocused Activewear New Releases!!!

There is something about checking your email and finding the new clothes you get to add to your line up! This weeks pick is BY FAR one of my personal favorites. So much so, that I am afraid my size will be on backorder before I actually get the chance to order them for myself!Continue reading “Refocused Activewear New Releases!!!”

The More You Have… The More You Can (Insert here)?

I write this unknowing what the final outcome will be, but I write it anyway. This is straight up, unedited thoughts of the gift of having more. I heard this statement while driving into work this morning. I don’t know about you but I was never, have never and probably will never be a salesContinue reading “The More You Have… The More You Can (Insert here)?”

Drink Away the Cravings

HYDRATION: With the holidays fast approaching it is only appropriate to focus on something that not only can distract you but also has the ability to give you more energy, beautiful skin and fight infection. . Consider, your body is made up of 65% water – this is simply amazing. You’re skin, your blood, your eyes,Continue reading “Drink Away the Cravings”