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Eczema, Asthma & Allergies–Lets talk about inflammation.

After waking up this morning congested, head stuffy, and my eyes wanting to stay shut for days, it only made sense to talk about inflammation. I laid in bed with the familiar sinus pressure I had not felt in some time. For those of you, like myself that suffer from allergies, you likely know exactlyContinue reading “Eczema, Asthma & Allergies–Lets talk about inflammation.”

Practicing the Four Basic Principles To Reduce Stress

  Physical health is very important when it comes to chronic disease prevention. Nutrition is equally as important. Information related to this is readily known and understood. When working to balance our health, we often lose focus on the implications, physical and mental stress has on our bodies, Releasing substances like cortisol and other stressContinue reading “Practicing the Four Basic Principles To Reduce Stress”