Health Education & Nurse Navigation

Running out of steam? Not feeling quite yourself? Do you want to manage your disease process but not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Your not alone.

Health is the one savings account rarely purposely deduct from. Are you withdrawing from your health savings without knowing you are doing so?

Do you find yourself needing to put a little bit more effort into your savings to enjoy the simple qualities of life?

Our primary goal is to support you and your loved ones with a holistic approach that provides you the support mechanisms to care for oneself. This can be done through any number of the following:

  • Assistance in understanding your condition/s and medication/s
  • Follow up and review of provider instructions and recommendations
  • Provide guidance with needed lifestyle modifications.
  • Assistance in navigating through the healthcare system, while understanding your role within the medical team.
  • Recommend nutrition modifications.
  • Provide guidance for networking and community resources
  • Provide Individualized competent, reliable and compassionate support.  

Health needs a little TLC topped with a small amount of education to improve health outcomes. The human body mirrors that of a car…

  • Oil in cars gets changed every 5,000 miles
  • Air pressure in tires is check and tires are changed with the season
  • Cabin air filters are replaced

Choosing to drive a brand new sports car with a small spare tire continuously without fear of further damage would be an incredibly foolish decision.

This fact remains true for your health. If a system of your body is out of order, not functioning optimally, or isn’t getting the proper maintenance and treatment, it can only be understood that it will have limited capability to achieve it’s highest level of performance.

Don’t leave your health to chance. You deserve to be an active member of your health care team and overall wellbeing.

Time and health, two of the most valuable commodities. Don’t waste yours.

Here to support you — flexible scheduling available and can be completed from the comforts of home.

Experienced, licensed, certified, and insured.

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