Chronic Disease Nurse Navigation


You have gone to the doctor’s office, maybe it was for a regular check up. Maybe it was because you didn’t feel well. Either way you leave and your record has a new title. A new diagnosis.

The provider, did their very best, explaining to you, your new medications, the special diet you should follow and recommendations to lose a few pounds. It all made perfect sense when you were in the office. But… Now your home.

Did you know that approximately 95% of chronic diseases can be prevented or controlled with a health diet, daily activity and the limiting of chemical laden foods (i.e. preservatives and food dyes). 

REfocused Wellness is here to support clients navigate and understand their chronic disease, the recommendations the have been outlined by their provider and understand their role in their plan of care moving forward. Here at Refocused it is our mission to support clients towards their optimal state of health.  

If you or someone you love, has recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are having a hard time understanding the requests and recommendations of your health care provider, please contact us. As experience, licensed and certified health care professionals, we are able to:

▪️Review your provider instructions with you.
▪️Assist you in understanding your condition and medication.
▪️Guide you with the needed lifestyle modifications.
▪️Support you as you navigate your way through the healthcare system.
▪️ Suggest nutrition modifications.
▪️ Create an exercise plan, routine & training.
▪️Provide Individualized competent, reliable and compassionate support.

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