Get Fit – Fitness Services.

Each day is a new chance to challenge yourself. To reach new goals. To push yourself a little further.

REfocused Wellness is here to support you in meeting your fitness goals. We know just how hard it is to stay motivated, to move off a plateau, or reach for a larger goal. We provide a personal approach to training, health and fitness.


  • Individualized Training Session (Local only)
    • 30-60 minutes sessions in your home or local facility.
  • 6-8 week on-line Health Accountability Programs
    • Individual dietary/fitness modifications and program outlined
    • Daily accountability
    • 30 minute individualized session weekly (via. telephone, zoom, or alternative electronic format)
  • Goal setting
  • Weight Loss Support
  • Stability and strength training

Individualized programs to meet your needs and abilities. Contact for pricing and availability.


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