YOU were given this life to push the boundaries ~ Make the impossible — Possible.

 This 6 Week health coaching program is designed to jump start you for your warm weather fun! Tailored to get you on track, feeling fit and ready to concur anything. Our programs are designed specifically with the busy individual in mind. Your program starts where you are and pushes you to be your absolute best! Join our amazing team today and see just how amazing your body was really meant to feel!  Register below.

SPRING TRAINING ~ 6 Weeks to Better Health was developed to meet the needs of even the craziest schedules, through weekly easy and attainable goals.

  • Focus on behavior modifications and lifestyle change.
  • Professionals are there to support you along the way.
    • daily group check-in’s
    • one to one weekly support.
  • Your program is adapted to you. Your needs are addressed specifically to assure your individual success.
    • Nutrition planning and programing
    • Fitness outlines
    • Health Education

Spring Training

6 Week Health Coaching Program; Including but not limited to nutrition planning & programing Fitness outline & support & Health Education and guidance.



I would recommend the program 6 weeks to better health for getting refocused. I lost eleven pounds in the six weeks. It was great to have a personal nutritionist who you spoke with at least once a week. The group really motivated me to stay on track. Every week brought a new focus and challenge. If you want to lose weight or set healthy goals this is the program for you. -T.F.


What does you program offer that others do not?

No Supplements or products are required. Our company is supported by qualifications, certified, licensed, and insured health professionals. Your program is tailored to meet your individual needs; lifestyle & behavior change approach to health and weight loss. 

How can people trust you and your program?

Myself and those we work with are professional, long time athletes who continues to practice active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to practicing what I promote, I have a background in chronic disease management and care, while teaching nutrition and disease processes to undergraduate nursing students. Refocused was opened on the premise of providing others the tools to easily and successfully achieve their own personal health goals.

Is your program reliable and how?

Yes, 6 Weeks to better health focuses on behavior modifications and lifestyle change. We utilize a functional health approach. Participation in the 6 week program promotes habits that can be continued throughout a lifetime and promoting long-term success. Current participants have demonstrated success, experiencing and average of a 9# weight loss over the 6 week period. (Individual results may vary)

Each week is driven by a new goal and focus that fosters healthy behavior modification and personal growth and development.

6 Weeks to Better Health Groups run quarterly. Next group staring March 4th, 2019. Register now and reserve your spot today!

Individualized programs are also available to meet your needs and abilities. Contact for pricing and availability.

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