6 Week Health Accountability Group


This 6 week group offers you daily accountability. Weekly 1:1 nutrition and fitness assessment and modifications, a success package and more. Each week brings a new focus and challenge towards adapting your lifestyle to be more health focused without the stress. 

Week #1: Portion Size

70% of health and fitness starts in the kitchen; During this
week you will start assessing portion sizes, reading labels and gaining a general understanding of “how much” you are consuming. 


Week #2: Hydration

Your body is made up of 65% water. Amazingly 75% of Americans are in a chronic stage of dehydration. Adequate hydration helps fight fatigue, boost immunity, promote proper bowel and kidney function and improves your exercise tolerance. Try to consuming 1/2 of your body weight of water per day (in ounces). I.e. A 140# female will aim to consume 70 ounces of water per day!


Week #3: Exercise. Burning calories

There are multiple diets advertised today, from the high protein/low carbohydrate Keto diet, shakes and supplement, elimination diets and more. Unless a result of a medical condition, practicing a “diet” eliminates essential nutritients that your body needs to function optimally. Here you will focus on the timing of our larger meals (after exercise), balancing macro-nutritients (carbs, protein, and fats) and promoting maximum muscle building and calorie burn.


Week #4: Achieving your goals. Motivation 

There will be days you don’t want to exercise and/or eat healthy. It is during this time you will be required to dig deep and overcome these obstacles. During this week you will focus on preparing meals, quick eating, and truly embedding your new healthy lifestyle into you everyday activities. 


Week #5: Not all calories are created equal

Implementing a balance of “forbidden foods”. Healthy is a lifestyle not a diet. If anyone tries to eliminate all foods that are identified as “unhealthy” or “craving foods” they often are setting themselves up for gorging on the very foods they are trying to stay away from. This includes fad diets and nutritional supplements. During this week we will work on having foods you enjoy without loosing all of your gains — the rule of balance. 



Week #6: Sleep, mind health, stress reduction, and the power of “NO” 

This topic is often a tabu of  most working individuals, parents, and most commonly women. Sleep…when was the last time you had a full uninterrupted night of rest. Your schedules are hectic, you commute for hours and there is little way to control the chaos of all the moving pieces. The foundation of health, weight loss and successfully achieving ones goals is built on meeting your basic needs. It is I’M-POSSIBLE to share a glass of wine with and empty bottle. Yes girl, I’m giving you permission to put yourself first. You can thank me later. 

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