Get Fit & SAVE

Not sure about you but the holidays always have me like, “Hello”?!

Some how in the midst of all the wonderful food and delicious drinks I lose my inhibitions and start planning for New Years. I mean, New Year, fresh start… right?!

What if this year was different?

What if instead of throwing in the towel and bagging you goals, packing them up until New Years, you got out of your baggy sweater and the stretchy leggings, believe me, I’m not fooled I get it, and into the outfit you were really meant to wear.

Does the aftermath have you felling blah… I mean it is the holidays, aren’t we all supposed to be cheerful? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays, however  has only been over the last few years, I have made a conscious decision to be diligently and health conscious throughout the ENTIRE year and that means the holidays included. Why was this so important? because I could really ENJOY myself.

This doesn’t mean going without. I mean for real, my uncle makes the most amazing apple pie and you’d be crazy if you told me that I couldn’t have some. Though what I do do is find a balance in my decisions so that I don’t undo all of the hard work, feel good, self-love behavior that I have worked on all year!

This holiday Refocused Wellness is running a special on our holidays Health accountability group (on-line) as a way of saying Thank You and Happy Holidays.

Our 6 week  On-line Health Accountability group includes:

  • A success kit
  • Daily accountability and group interaction
  • Weekly 1:1 nutrition support and modifications (30 minutes) from a licensed, certified and insured nutritionist & advanced degree nurse via telephone, zoom, or in-person (local only).
  • Fitness routine/adaption (as needed)
  • Daily nutrition education/recipes/meals prep ideas
  • Basic education on the foundation of nutrition, the implications on the body, weight loss and the prevention of disease.

For more information contact:

Or sign up today. Spaces are limited.

6 Weeks to Better Health

6 Week Health Accountability Group (On-line) Regular Fee: 150.00; Holiday Special ends Midnight December 31st, 2018. Next group starting December 13th, 2018.


Payment does not guarantee immediate participation. ALL clients must verify the ability to safely participate in a nutrition and fitness program prior to enrollment in program. Refocused Fitness + Nutrition Llc,  reservers the right to deny services and/or participation related the safety of current health status and/or has the right to request medical clearance for documented health conditions prior to enrollment.

The REFOCUSED Story — Changing the lens to Functional Health.

➡️  The Refocused story.

Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of teaching nursing students both within the hospital caring for patients and in the classroom, guiding them to understand the body, its’ mechanics and how to recognize, understand and care for the most critically ill.


In the 10 years that I have been a nurse, much has changed. The sick are getting sicker, our time with patients is getting smaller and the ability to educate patients is almost obsolete.

➡️  FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. The true practice of healthcare.

As a sincerely passionate nurse, it is hard to watch patients come and go, only to return. It is frustrating to the core to know you can’t make the difference you truly want to make in someones lives because another life is hanging in the wings.

When I took this journey out of the wall of hospital into the classroom, I never thought that one day it would lead me to here. To a place where I have chosen to seek the opportunity to spread my knowledge, education and experience of chronic disease, critical care and the basic foundation of health to those seeking and opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Refocused Wellness is founded on three pillars.

🔹Fitness & Nutrition Support and counseling
🔹Chronic Disease Nurse Navigation
🔹Workforce Wellness (aim for implementation 2019)

With the overall goal of prevention while supporting others to be in their optimal state of health.

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are having a hard time understanding the requests and recommendations of your health care provider, please contact us. As experienced, licensed and certified health care professionals we are able to:

▪️Review your provider instructions with you.
▪️Assist you in understanding your condition and medication.
▪️Guide you with the needed lifestyle modifications.
▪️Support you as you navigate your way through the healthcare system.
▪️ Suggest nutrition modifications.
▪️ Create an exercise plan, routine & training.
▪️Provide Individualized competent, reliable and compassionate support.

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Carbohydrates. Truth or hype. Is the end for this food group in sight?


Carbohydrates. A tabu word in the health and fitness world today. Sadly the wide spread dislike of carbohydrates does not differentiate and thus ALL carbohydrates are given a bad rap. Unfortunately, society has us misinformed.

Carbohydrates are KEY to your body functions, structure and overall your health maintenance and weight loss goals! When you eliminate an entire food category — a macronutrient at that, your body is MISSING major vitamins and minerals that are REQUIRED for optimal body function. This means, if your looking for more energy, you NEED to consume the foods appropriate to give you just that!


So what exactly  is a “Carb” &

What do you mean by macronutrient?

Macronutrients are nutrients (nutrition) that contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body is not able to make on its own. These are items such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are NEEDED for your everyday survival. For example, proteins provide essential amino acids that aid in cell structure and muscle growth and development.

IMG_2686Carbohydrates role is as equally important  —  These macronutrients are the bodies primary source of energy. Have you  ever heard an athlete state they are “carb” loading the night before a big game, race etc. ? You can be assured they are build up their energy stores to be successful in their upcoming event.

Not a major athlete? YES, you too, still need to be consuming carbohydrates. Your body at rest, burns energy in the form of calories, the amount of which established by the basal metabolic rate or BMR. This rate, is the amount of energy needed for your body to complete basic survival tasks, such as allow your heart to beat, your lungs to breath, and your brain to function.

Did you know you actually are using muscles within your diaphragm to breath approximately 12 to 24 times a minute. This simple act requires a  steady and reliable source of fuel.


imagesWhat happens if I don’t consume carbohydrate?

Because the body is truly a well equip machine, the human body has the innate ability utilize stored fats and proteins for energy to complete the daily functions, a process also known to be utilized in some of the current Fad diets widely marketed today. While in text this sounds like a great options, a thorough evaluation of the risks verse benefits MUST be completed for these diets to prove to be safe and should not be maintained for any length of time. Implications on the body during this period of using fats and proteins over carbohydrates for fuel, include but are not limited to headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizziness,  and loss of muscle mass.


Why does the type of carbohydrate matter?  

The “simpler” the carbohydrate — the easier it is for the body to break them down into its many parts to be used for nutrition and energy. SIMPLE = SIMPLE.. It’s pretty simple..

Adversely, complex are “complex” or hard to break down into the many different parts and pieces need to use by the body. .

This is why it is important to make sure you are choosing carbohydrates WISELY. It is HERE at this exact place where carbohydrates as a whole get a bad rap.

I ask you…

Would you realistically run your vehicle with “Just a little your gas tank” Not knowing if is would get you from point A to point B?! Of low on oil, unsure if the impact would be to cause the engine to seize? I’m thinking probably not. In fact you likely avoid these situations due to the time and cost associated with the implications of such actions. The same  should hold true with the foods we ingest into our body.

food-eat-junk-burger-pizza-chips-donut-thinkstockphotos-640211994Simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrate are instant gratification. Your body receives quick energy and for a very short period of time… your body is happy.

For those of you with young children, you dread the sugar rush of a birthday party, or the constant consumption of the endless bag of halloween candy… this is because the sugar consumed is quickly digested and gives the body a wonderful serge of energy and pep. Fortunately for you parents, this only lasts for a short period of time, as the body quickly breaks down, utilizes and gets rid of this type of carbohydrate quickly.

The downside it, the quick upswing of energy that enters into you blood from simple carbohydrates you have eaten, leads the body to craving more and more of these types of foods. This is what makes it so hard for me to STOP eating my halloween Oreos once I get started 😦

Complex carbohydrates. These carbs on the other hand take a long time to get through the pipes — intestines in our bodies. They have increased fiber and take their time in the gut, collecting all the bad stuff along the walls on its way by. Complex carbohydrates promote the intestinal walls to move, prevent issues such as constipation and bowel obstructions, an decreased the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure because of these functions. The scratching of the walls is similar to that of a Brillo pad, and plays a role in cancer prevention, pockets and inlets of the bowel that can cause pain and infection.

Trying to Lose weight?

Complex carbohydrates give you the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. The naturally slower digestive process of complex carbohydrates,  keeps your blood sugars at a neutral level (similar to cruise control), the need to fulfill cravings or hunger is significantly reduced.


How to determine one from another.

Simple carbohydrates are often found in things that are white. Example of such are wAnatomy-of-a-Wheat-Berryhite bread, white rice, white pasta etc. Baked products and sweets such as holiday pies and candy fall into this category as well as healthier sugar options such as honey, agava, and maple syrup.

In white grain products the wheat bran and germ is removed, leaving only the sweet endosperm, a process known as refining. Refining is also completed for “Enriched” grain products, however some of the removed bran and germ are added back in, to create a more nutritionally dense product.  


Alternatively, Complex carbohydratesthat are grain based in nature, use the entire wheat kernel, creating a greater density and higher nutritional quality then it’s refined counter part. Maintaining the intact wheat kernel allows the product to maintain a larger number of phytochemicals, vitamins and fiber all essential for the body to run at its highest capacity.

Many fruits and vegetable are encompassed into the category of complex carbohydrates. For these items the skins and fiber that is naturally found within the product provide expansive nutrition, density and delayed absorption and release of sugar into the blood supply.

Simple example of complex carbohydrates. Food sources the are naturally brown. Food labels also indicate these products by listing WHOLE WHEAT as the very first ingredient on the food label.  These items are whole grain breads/bakery items, brown rice, whole grain pastas, oats, quinoa, and fresh fruits and some vegetables. 

Where you health and fitness goals are to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy or just  to  embrace feeling better, eating the right carbohydrates are essential to meeting your long term goals. If you find yourself going up and down the mountain of health and are tired of doing so, choose a lifestyle, over a diet. Need help, reach out and set up an appointment with us to help guide you in the right direction.

~ Refocused Fitness & Nutrition.



GF Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup


What do you do on a cold fall rainy day with a left over rotisserie chicken?! Make homemade chicken noodle soup of course. Boil down your leftover chicken (bones included) to make your own bone broth. Use your favorite vegetables, as spice and season to take and ta da. A comfort meal is born.




  • Rotisserie chicken
  • 1 (8 ounce pkg) prepared GF elbow noodles (Bonza Chickpea Pasta seen here)
  • 1 (32 ounce) container Organic Chicken Stock
  • 3 cups chopped celery
  • 3 cups chopped carrots
  • 3 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 2 tbsp parsley
  • 1/2 tbsp thyme
  • 1 tsp salt (adjust to taste)
  • 1 tbsp fresh ground pepper
  • 1 tbsp celery salt
  • IMG_75332 bay leaves
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • Shave parmesan cheese (optional)

Boil Rotisserie chicken (bones included) in large pot for approx. 2 hours. Remove when meat easy to remove from the bone. De-bone both and chicken. (Using Mesh Strainer can assist in this process).

Add de-boned chicken and broth back into large stock pot. Add all ingredients with the exception of the noodles. Simmer on low/medium heat for 1/2 hour or until vegetables are al dante or desired texture. Stir in GF noodles and serve.

Top with fresh shaved parmesan cheese.

Mom, Your body is Magic.

woman holding baby while sitting on fur bean bagYes mom, I know your not feeling like there is anything magical about that mom bod of yours. I don’t care how fit you are, in shape, how much you run or how great you eat, lets face it, once that body of yours has grown, prepared and delivered something the size of the average watermelon, there are things that just can’t possibly be put back in place.

And maybe you really are one of the few that don’t have the glorious stretch marks and don’t pee with you cough and sneeze. Just show us some empathy when we cross our legs. Oh yeah, it amazing. Lucky you. However, for those of you like me, I have my “love marks” as we call them in our house and quite honestly I am damn proud of those marks. We have two AMAZING cherubs that blessed me with the everyday memories of just how amazing this life is, and how truly blessed I am, to have a body that has the ability to create life.

But friend while your body is truly amazing, beautiful and special because of all this jazz, your body is a machine that is far more awesome then what is imaginable.

person looking searching clean

Let’s think for a moment. Now that you have these amazing little beings, you rush around day in and day out trying to meet their needs. You are up at the crack of dawn because, lets face it, someone needs to go to the bathroom, another needs a drink, and one didn’t have a nap the day before. Because of this dreaded action,  this said cherub went to bed early and decided it was party time shortly after you finally close your eyes. Your exhausted, but it doesn’t matter. You are going to fulfill this role and you are going to do your damn BEST regardless because, well that is just. WHO. YOU. ARE.

You go girl. You are a force to be reckoned with. A model for all moms. You are amazing and you truly should be proud of yourself for being so incredibly giving, caring, loving and  just an overall amazing mom! Don’t look around. Yes mom. I am talking about you. YOU ARE AWESOME!

beverage caffeine cappuccino coffee
Now grab you coffee and continue reading.

Do you every go through the day, as a habit, doing all the things on your “list” only to think to yourself, “ I am exhausted”? And when the kids come home from school with a runny nose or an upset stomach, do you cringe because you know for sure it is going around the house and you will be sick FOREVER?? Girl, I get you. Been there. TO MANY TIMES.

Maddison, age 5. 

But one day – I chose to put the pieces together. Or I like to say the light FINALLY went off. What was I doing. TO. MYSELF? See, the body is simply AMAZING! It is the most amazingly magnificent well oiled machine. Ok, well oiled might be stretching it at this point, but seriously! Have you ever thought about how is it that you are able to push through the day, no matter how tired, frustrated, exhausted you are and somehow you make it all work. You amazingly get your kids to where they need to go, celebrate parties, suffer through teachers conferences, PTA, soccer games, dance recitals and you wear your best asset, a smile. You remember everything and when you do forget you laugh and joke about how your head is still attached and everyone is alive…


Seriously. No really. Please, don’t hate me. You truly are amazing, BUT your body is NOT made to be going in one hundred different directions. To put it bluntly your body really is like a well oiled machine and well if you keep the oil changed, rotate the tires, put gas in it, clean it from time to time, it will last just long enough to pass it down to your first born.

But lets say you don’t change the oil. You look at the little sticker in the upper left hand window and you chuckle inside. You chuckle because you think to yourself, I’m 2000 miles over and there is no way in he!! I’m getting to the dealership this week. So, you wait. You wait just long enough to be headed to soccer practice and feel you car sputtering. You are able keep going just enough to get off the next exit and pull into the abutting gas station. The attendant offers to look under the hood, only to explain that the the engine is seized because you didn’t have enough oil. I get it, YOU WOULD NEVER DO THIS.

Then why my friend, why are YOU running on empty?

selective focus photography of fuel station

You see, your body is NO DIFFERENT then the car you drive. That you depend on, day in and day out, to get you, your family, your friends, and your pets, to every single place you want and need to go. Yet, every day you go to bed late and get up early. You skip breakfast because you don’t have time and grab a coffee and a bagel at the local cafe. Lunch consists of a salad from the salad bar because you are trying to watch your weight and dinner… who eats dinner? It occasionally consists bowl of cereal or if your lucky some left over pizza or Mac and cheese. Exercise is not a MUST, it is an IF. The list goes on. Friend you are playing second fiddle to YOURSELF!

Ok, so maybe this is a little drastic but come on, you are not alone WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE or are still there. Balance is HARD. But friend you body is AMAZING. Ever little part of it from you hair and your eyes to the amazing curve of your legs but your making yourself sick!

Every day that you are running round “helping” everyone else you are hurting yourself. Your well oiled machine is out of gas, or lets just say you are using the lowest grade of fuel possible. You are putting your body in a state of alert, at all times ready to take on the world. What you don’t see is in your body, you are actually only one cough, one sneeze from being sick. You are one hour short of falling asleep behind the wheel. You are one step shy of a marathon.




What would you say if you had a way out? A way to have more energy to get through the day? At the end of the day you didn’t mind the scheduled teachers conference or sitting for an hour at dance class? Soccer games didn’t seem daunting and you wardrobe is one to be desired? What if?

Friend, its time to take back control of your car.

You deserve the front parking spot at the theater, after all this is YOUR show. Give your body the tools it needs. Wake up early and MAKE TIME FOR YOU. Ask for help. Heck make your cherubs help. I’m here to tell you, YOU are worth it and you will be a BETTER mom, friend and person because if it. YOU will FEEL better. You will have more confidence, more energy, and most importantly you will enjoy the moments you have to share.

Friend you are SO worth it. Need a tribe? Thats what we are here for.




UNFILTERED ~ The un-glamorous truth of one mom, athlete & business owner, finding the path to truly LIVE amongst the chaos.

Ok, lets talk. I’m a SUCKER! I’m a sucker for putting everyone else needs before my own. I mean, seriously, it is SOOO much easier to play with slime when your daughter asks, then to hear her innocently, with the cutest most apologetic smile, tell you that she only got a “little on the couch BUT she got it out all by herself” (insert deep breathe here). Or better yet. It is amazing to be just getting into your grove, with your favorite song, when your asked for another snack because the one you got before you got on the treadmill, just wasn’t what they had in mind.

EXCUSES, I’ve used them all.

Lets be real. If there is an excuse to getting out of exercise or rationalizing why I can have  ice cream for dinner, I have used it and probably used it more then once. You see, just because I know better, doesn’t stop me from ALL of the same, every day, real life struggles of every mom, wife,  and women around who has a tendency to put everyone else’s needs before their own.

And I’m sorry, who the hell has extra time anyway?? And if you have the time, how to you conjure up the motivation to everyday give it your all?? Lets’ face it, your exhausted, you lack motivation and then of course their is the why? Why am I going to torture myself today?

OR why not??

IMG_3077So this morning I got up. I got up far before the sun came up.  NO, I didn’t want to, but I wanted to. You see, two years ago it was my turn to be fit, strong and free. Then I had Logan, our second child. Becoming a mom of two stopped me in my tracks. I was dumbfounded at the amount of patiences, stress and simply overall change that this would have not only on me, but on our family as a whole. The dynamics that were changed was unsurmountable and truly there was nothing we could do about it. We rolled with the punches as most families do and somehow, so far, everyone is still alive, fed, clean and clothed. So I suppose we are doing alright.

In the midst of all of this, we were a family of two working parents and children in childcare, while trying to start a business on health, fitness and being the best self your can be.

business communication computer contemporary

Humm… Interesting. How can you develop a business, founded on the goals you only wish to achieve? Really the goals were founded on the person I once was and dreams, I once had. But wait. It really wasn’t. What had changed was me. What had changed was my perception, of the events in my life, and how I perceived what was important.

So one by one, mom started to put the pieces together. The first piece was to change my mindset. Who cares if I don’t exercise today, because both kids are sick and the laundry is overflowing? Does it really matter that I ate that Mac and cheese last night because it was the quickest and easiest thing I could shove in my face in the midst of getting the kids bathed, books read and getting them settled off to bed. Only to do it again tomorrow. The answer: not really.

But you see here is the caveat; I had to change my perception of what it was that I WANTED and NEEDED to do. The balance of what I call life. The juggling act of wife, mom, nurse, teacher, friends, family. You name it. To say I was failing wasn’t entirely true, but I finally took the time to see where I was at, were I was going and where I wanted to be… and I was headed in the entirely wrong direction. There was a HUGE missing piece. What was I doing to fill my own cup?

I was so busy running around trying to care for everyone else, cramming as much as I could into every 5 minute slot that was available. I was out straight until the time I hit my pillow, fully exhausted, yet mind still racing about the list in my head of things that I needed to do tomorrow! I mean for real girl, get it together you life is passing you buy!

armchair book books browse

I was being super dependable, super reliable to my peers, my students, my kids and my friends. I was giving it my all, or so I thought I was…

Then one day, during my two hour commute to work. YES, TWO HOURS. I know. Who the HE!! commutes two hours to work (girl, I do) it came to me. I’m going to crash. Here I am, preaching, encouraging, spewing words of health, wellness, balance, fitness and life, and I had yet to figure it out myself.

Some might take this opportunity and say, well, that sucks. Life is life and these are the cards I have been dealt. Well, that’s just not me. See I was born stubborn, almost to a fault, and really, I’m the type of gal that well, if you tell me “No” — I’m likely going to try just that much harder… and I have to say on that day, on the back country road in New Hampshire, leaves just starting to change and show their beauty, I for the first time truly looked around to embraced the peace and quiet and relished in the down time. The moment where I could, breathe, cry, scream or sing if I wanted to. I could do anything I wanted to do and nobody could tell me any different. WHY HAD I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE?! This time was MINE. I own it. I have no choice but to be here in this moment, on this drive, headed in this direction, so I was going to own it.

Ok, so I’m driving and I’m running at the same time?

Ha, nope. Did you just try and picture that. What a great sight that would have been I’m sure and if I could, I would have happy done so. After all, in my busy day, I used to get sooo frustrated with my commute and what it took  away from me, from my kids, from my family. I could be cooking dinner, or heck what an amazing run I could have in two hours!! TWO HOURS!!

Then it hit me! I have control of this! I HAVE CONTROL OF THIS!

Who says I can’t have it all? Who says their is not enough time in the day?? This whole time I was talking myself down a negative spiral of all the things I told my self that I COULDN’T do! I can’t, Maddison has dance. I can’t, we have dinner at that time. I can’t, I need to… sound familiar. All the while I was wallowing in resentment that I NEVER HAD TIME FOR ME!

And so it started. It was time for change. It was time to stop allowing myself to feel the guilt that I PUT ON MYSELF to be the person that I FELT society said I should be. I enlisted the help of my friends. I ask for more help from my husband. I created a schudule and on it, I actually scheduled in time for ME. EVERYDAY there is a slot. A 30 minute slot that is JUST FOR ME. And yes, this time might just happen to be at 430 in the morning, before much of the world is up. But I am grateful for that, because it is a time where I can just breathe. I can live. I can feel the rush of the cool, wet fall air, as the rain mists and the street light glow, enjoying the conversation of a good friend.

So you see, YOU CAN DO whatever you CHOOSE to put your mind to.

You CAN still be successful, in your dreams, in your goals, in your desires, without giving up all of the other things and roles you find so important.

We have an EXTREMELY powerful tool and it is called the mind and it can amazingly push us towards our most impossible goal or it can leave us defeated wishing we could have only tried harder.

frames on white background

So girl, Stop. What are your goals? Have you always wanted to be thinner?  Have you dreamed of losing the last 10 pounds of baby weight? Have you tried to run that 5K you told yourself you would do by the time you were 40 only to back out because you didn’t think you would be ready in time? Or do you simply fantasize about the day you will have the energy to get through the entire day without feeling absolutely exhausted and actually enjoy being able to physically play with your kids.

IMG_5510I mean, the goal is YOURS. YOU CAN DO IT. You CAN do ANYTHING you truly put your minds to. But first you have to TRULY believe you can. There is no might. There is no maybe. The only worlds that can cross your lips is HELL YES, I CAN AND I WILL DO THIS TODAY!

THIS life is short. MAKE IT. OWN IT. I mean really girl, your daughter just asked you for some of your drink and your cup is empty.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer




Are you trying to eat clean. Remove preservatives and additives from your diet but can’t live without your morning cup of Joe? Yep. Feel you. And in truth for the average healthy adult 3-6 mg of caffeine can actually assist with a workout, improve your mood and overall feeling of well-being. Now how do you like them apples! 

While all the flavored creamers taste wonderful, but they come laden with their own surprises… Making your own homemade creamers is simple, easy and cost-effective.

Feel free to substitute your milk of choice and adjust the condensed milk to your desired sweetness!


  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp pure vanilla
  • 1/2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tbsp nutmeg.


Combine all ingredients into storage container of choice. Shake well. Allow to sit overnight. Use according to preference.

Alter flavors as you prefer. Almond extract, hazelnut, caramel etc.