GF Butterscotch & White Chocolate chip Protein Cookies

These cookies are simple and easy. It’s a sure thing the whole family will love.

Carbohydrates. Truth or hype. Is the end for this food group in sight?

Carbohydrates. A tabu word in the health and fitness world today. Sadly the wide spread dislike of carbohydrates does not differentiate and thus ALL carbohydrates are given a bad rap.

Enticing Turkey Fajitas

Turkey Fajitas Ingredients: Two lg turkey breasts Salt/pepper seasoning (add garlic pwd/onion powder/paprika/red pepper flakes) Coconut oil Cilantro (cut into small pieces)— to taste Medium Red Pepper (sliced) Medium Green Pepper (sliced) Medium onion Refried/Pinto beans Grated cheese (optional) Avocado (optional) Fresh Salsa (optional) In 2 Lg skillets — add one tbsp coconut oil toContinue reading “Enticing Turkey Fajitas”