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New Year = New Victories

“The cumulative impact of a multitude of small steps has the greatest outcome.”

Finding Calm – Letting go of “Perfect”

To be perfectly honest, I’m just winging it. Motherhood, life, my hairstyle… pretty much everything!

Mom, Your body is Magic.

You go girl. You are a force to be reckoned with. A model for all moms. You are amazing and you truly should be proud of yourself for being so incredibly giving, caring, loving and  just an overall amazing mom! Don’t look around. Yes mom. I am talking about you. YOU ARE AWESOME!


Do you need more energy…
Just to get through the day?
To get through a workout
To balance your events of the night before?
Is your nutrition ZAPPING your energy stores?

Vinyasa Yoga… A must try.

Challenging your body through an amazing workout. Improving aches and pains. Finding mindful balance. Vinyasa yoga IS all that it is cracked up to be! ~Enjoy.

SO… I have Diabetes.

Suffering from any diagnosis is difficult, knowing what to do about it is even more challenging…. So… I have Diabetes.