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UNFILTERED ~ The un-glamorous truth of one mom, athlete & business owner, finding the path to truly LIVE amongst the chaos.

I was so busy running around trying to care for everyone else, cramming as much as I could into every 5 minute slot that was available. I was out straight until the time I hit my pillow, fully exhausted, yet mind still racing about the list in my head of things that I needed to do tomorrow! I mean for real girl, get it together you life is passing you buy!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

Do you enjoy your morning cup of Joe but cant seem to find your favorite creamer without all the additives and preservatives? Try making your own!

Vinyasa Yoga… A must try.

Challenging your body through an amazing workout. Improving aches and pains. Finding mindful balance. Vinyasa yoga IS all that it is cracked up to be! ~Enjoy.

SO… I have Diabetes.

Suffering from any diagnosis is difficult, knowing what to do about it is even more challenging…. So… I have Diabetes.