Each journey starts with one simple action. Believe you can.

Believe You Can.

Health, fitness and personal wellness is about the journey. While not always easy — it is always worth it. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or starting today, we all have something to gain, goals to achieve and barriers to break. Welcome to the Journey.

Refocused Wellness offers an array of health and nutrition support, guidance, and coaching.

Find out what we are all about, how we a started and what motivates us to keep pushing ourselves and our clients to be successful in health, fitness and overall well-being  by heading over to In the Beginning .


  • Individualized Nutrition Support & Modifications
  • Chronic Disease Nurse Navigation
  • Health & Wellness Workshops
  • Tele-Support / Consulting
  • On-line Health Accountability Groups
  • Local  Health Accountability Groups
  • Workforce Wellness
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