Next Health Group Starting April 2019

You’ve given yourself every excuse why you can’t. We are here to support all the reason you CAN.

Join Refocused Wellness for SPRING TRAINING. Learn how to improve your diet, fit in exercise and practice a healthy mind set with guided instruction!

Group sizes are limited and will close one week prior to the start date!

Keeping your goals on track ~ Join a health group today!


Is an accountability group not for you or need a program tailored to your needs… Refocused Wellness offers an array of services for a variety of populations. 

  • Individualized Nutrition Support & Modifications
  • Chronic Disease Nurse Navigation
  • Health & Wellness Workshops
  • Tele-Support / Consulting
  • On-line Health Accountability Groups
  • Local  Health Accountability Groups
  • Personal Training
  • Workforce Wellness

We LOVE Wednesdays, because they surprise with all the new fun items we get to add to our expanding wardrobe!!

WE here at Refocused are so ready for spring! This combined with our Zyia new releases are getting the men in our lives prepared to hit the range!

The true to size fit with odor eliminating science will make your gear wearable game after game after game. Get your today.


 REfocused Fitness + Nutrition LLc — Certified/Licensed + Insured

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